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Welcome to Mauve Media, your virtual nook that marries the architectural charm of townhouses and brownstones with the allure of interior design. We’re a team of urban dwellers and design enthusiasts with a shared passion for these unique living spaces and the potential they hold.


Our mission is to illuminate the path to making these historical and character-filled residences your own, whether you’re already nestled within brownstone walls or daydreaming about future urban living.


We believe in the magic of creating a home that truly reflects who you are, a sanctuary where every nook and cranny sings the song of your personal style.


Mauve Media is not your average home and design blog. We spice things up with hand-drawn images that offer a personalized touch and elevate the visual experience. Just as every home tells a unique story, every illustration on our site adds a dash of imagination and a pinch of whimsy to the narrative of urban living.


You’ll find these doodles interspersed throughout our blog posts, making our content not just a treat for the mind, but also for the eyes.


We aim to keep things light around here because, hey, isn’t life serious enough already? Whether we’re talking about exposed brick walls or sharing the latest interior design trends, we’ll serve it up with a dose of humor and a heaping side of real talk.


The charm of a brownstone isn’t just in its high ceilings and bay windows, but also in the joy and sometimes absurdity of urban life.


Our philosophy? Keep it simple, but informative. We chat about everything from nailing the perfect Boho-chic living room to handling those inevitable quirks that come with brownstone living. Yes, those charmingly creaky floors might keep you up at night, but hey, who needs sleep when you’re living the townhouse dream, right?


So, step in, make yourself comfortable, and let’s revel in the beauty of townhouses, brownstones, and everything that transforms a space into a home. As they say, the secret to bliss is finding pleasure in the simple things – like that perfect antique mantel or a well-loved wooden floor that echoes tales of yesteryears.


Welcome to Mauve Media – where brick, mortar, and creativity intertwine to create a symphony of urban charm.

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How it started

Mauve Media started as a tiny seed in the imagination of our founder, Maya. A passionate interior designer with a knack for sketching, Maya was forever searching for a way to unite her two loves into a single venture. The answer, as it turned out, was closer to home than she had ever realized.


Maya lived and breathed the world of townhouses and brownstones. With each creak of her own hardwood floor, she found inspiration. She began documenting her journey of turning her brownstone into a home – a captivating process of renovation, organization, and, sometimes, simply dealing with the idiosyncrasies of an old house. Her sketches added a charming visual element to her stories, and soon enough, her brainchild, Mauve Media, came to life.


Today, Mauve Media is more than just a blog – it’s a collective voice of experts who share Maya’s passion. From real estate mavens who can guide you through the winding maze of urban home buying, to interior decor maestros who transform spaces into dream homes, our team is a potpourri of knowledge and experience.


We provide comprehensive guides about townhouses and brownstones – from selecting your dream dwelling, renovating it to match your vision, organizing your space to tackling some common issues that older homes might present. It’s all about embracing the beauty of these homes, quirks, and all.


Mauve Media is built on a strong foundation of Maya’s vision – a platform that breaks down the complex world of townhouse and brownstone living and makes it accessible, fun, and visually pleasing. And of course, we’ve kept Maya’s tradition of adding those wonderful, hand-drawn sketches that first brought her story to life.

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