22 Unique Vase Ideas (That You Probably Have At Home)

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Ever feel like your home decor is lacking that special something? Maybe you’ve got some empty shelves or table tops that could use a little sprucing up? Well, we’ve got 22 unique vase ideas that you probably already have at home, just waiting to be used. Who knew that an old mason jar or a wine bottle could make such a chic statement piece?


From repurposing household items to using unexpected materials, these ideas will help you breathe new life into your decor and add some personality to your space.


So, whether you’re an avid DIYer or just looking for some inspiration, read on to discover some fun and creative vase ideas!

1 | Pitcher

Pitchers have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years, since they double as stylish flower vases.

2 | Liquor bottle

Rinse it out, remove the label (or leave it for a more vintage look) and you’re ready to go!

3 | Coke bottle

Sometimes the most unexpected items can give your home that much needed character, and for a ridiculously low price. Prime example: coke bottles.

4 | Salt and Pepper Shakers

Now who would’ve thought that salt shakers would make for such a cute flower vase? Get creative with them and paint them, decorate them with glitter, ribbons, sea shells, or simply keep them plain to conserve that rustic charm. 


The good thing is, they’re inexpensive and they won’t get in your way, being so low and tiny and all.

Mason jars as gorgeous unique centerpiece vases

Via fab mood

5 | Mason jar

Or any type of jar, really. Surely you have some lying around the house, right? Use one, or arrange more, even if they aren’t the same shape, size, or color, this will add even more character to your home.


It’s a lovely way to repurpose them and add a chic, country flair to your home. 

6 | Unusual containers

Toys, roller skates, items you’ve found at a flea market or yard sale but you weren’t sure exactly how you were going to use them – well, their time has finally come. 

Repurposed cosmetic bottles as unique flower vases

7 | Beauty product bottles

You can easily give a second shelf life to any of your beauty product bottles by using them as petite flower vases. 

8 | Empty perfume bottle

Finally there’s a good use for all those perfume bottles I just can’t seem to throw away.


You don’t have to have a Chanel bottle for this one, but it sure does help. An inexpensive idea is to DIY your very own Chanel bottle, which can be easily done thanks to tutorials like this one.

Reused tin cans as wedding centerpieces

Via fab mood

9 | Tin can

A can of tomatoes, beans, or whatever else you have in your pantry will do the job. If you want to go one step further and customize them, you can easily do so with spray paint or regular paint, rope, lace, decorative tape or scrapbooking paper (which usually comes in various designs).


If you’re like me and you love the rustic look a tin adds, simply leave them as they are.

10 | Light bulbs

Whether you’re hanging multiple lightbulbs using rope, or balancing them on a napkin ring, these quirky vases will definitely become a conversation starter anytime guests arrive.


Important: You’ll be handling glass, so always remember to wear safety goggles and gloves if you decide to create these light bulb vases.

11 | A pineapple

This one offers a lot of variety, since you can use basically any food you have at home, if you don’t happen to have a pineapple, such as pumpkins, cabbages, or even citrus fruits.

12 | A cabbage

Speaking of using cabbage as a vase, doesn’t this arrangement simply look stunning?

Via Pinterest

13 | Ramekins

If you’ve been hoarding baking tools for quite a while now (like me), surely you have some ramekins in your cupboard. If you find it hard to begin baking succulent soufflé’s in the future, start by adding the succulents first, and take it from there.

Elegant champagne glasses - creative vase ideas

Via Pinterest

14 | Champagne glasses  

Bar glasses and champagne glasses can serve as a very elegant display for your bulbs. 

Teacups used as unusual flower vases

Via Pinterest

15 | Teacups

Teacups are the perfect vessel for your tea (duh!), but also for your flowers. Add them as your centerpiece, or simply arrange them on your window sill for a charming flair.

16 | Tea pot

Teacups and teapots usually go together, and if you happen to be keeping them for show, a good addition would be – you guessed it – a floral arrangement!

17 | Tea tins

Another perfect example of why you should avoid throwing away everything. Now, I don’t want to promote hoarding, but those tea tins might really come in handy and serve as gorgeous centerpieces at your next dinner party.


18 | A bowl

Turn a colorful cereal bowl into an elegant flower vase.

19 | Old books

This one takes a bit of effort, but it’s totally worth it. 

20 | Empty milk carton

All you need for this project is an empty (clean!) carton of milk, acrylic paint, a permanent marker and some bulbs. Voila! A vase that looks as if it came from a designer catalog.

21 | Apple juice jar

Or otherwise known as a demijohn bottle, it’s the perfect inexpensive vase that could easily be mixed up with a vase from a Pottery Barn catalogue.

22 | Candle jar

I know, it can feel sad throwing away the container of a candle you really like, especially if it’s super pretty and you’re not sure how to repurpose it.


If you’ve kept some just in case until now, it just might be the perfect time to display your favorite flowers in them.

Sometimes the simplest items, items you’d never think of using, can serve as the perfect vessel for your flowers. When not in use, all the items on this list can make for exceptional and unique flower vases, transforming those neglected corners of your home.

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